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Commercial or Home Inspections Services (704) 565-9894

  • 2 day Radon Monitoring
  • Wood Destroying Insect reports
  • Water Quality Testing ($600+ in test results) for only $255 + $60 shipping) 107 Analytes (22 heavy metals, 7 inorganic chemicals, 4 trihalomethanes, 47 VOCs, 20 pesticides, herbicides, and PCBs. gasoline, oil, and Uranium
  • Well Inspections
  • Pool and Spa inspections
  • Sprinkler Inspection
  • Mold inspections & air monitoring
  • Asbestos testing
  • lead testing
  • Infrared Inspection
  • Energy Audits
  • Yearly Maintenance Inspections

When you get a home inspection, 2-day Radon and Wood destroying pest report. You get $100 Porch Moving credit and a $125 Free Mosquito Treatment certificate from you to your client. 980-434-9944

Chris Fowler

We started House Sleuths to protect families in the biggest investment decision of their life and make sure their home is a safe environment. My father died because of Radon exposure in the home. If you know it exists, it is easy to fix.

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Call us today at (980) 434-9944 to schedule an appointment with a highly professional and skilled residential and commercial property inspector. We guarantee that every nook and corner of your property will be carefully inspected, and we’ll provide you with a detailed inspection report once we’re finished.