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Some people may think that listing a property is the first step to making the sale. This is only partially true. Even though you can easily list a property on the market without getting a real estate inspection, we strongly recommend against doing so. If you would like to ask for higher prices or more adequate tenants, you should definitely get a professional pre listing inspection. For the last six years, we have helped countless real estate agents in inspecting the properties they manage before listing them. Make a wise decision, ask for higher prices, get a home inspection from a real estate inspector in Charlotte, NC.

Take Advantage From the Benefits of a Pre Listing Inspection

Ask for Better Prices!

One of the wisest decisions you can make as a listing agent is to get a real estate home inspection. This will not only help you pinpoint issues with the property but will also provide you with enough time and information to make all the necessary repairs before even listing your property. On top of that, being 100% aware of your property’s condition will help you better understand how to value it without you getting a losing hand. Arguably, the best part of getting a real estate inspection is the credibility you gain with your customers and buying agents, as they can easily rely on you to know the complete situation of a property as they check out the other houses for sale.

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House Sleuths is your go-to choice if you are a realtor looking to get one of your properties inspected with thorough radon testing and mold testing. Don’t settle for less than the best, and team up with a highly experienced pre-listing real estate inspector in Charlotte, NC!

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Allow our seasoned home inspector to inspect your home thoroughly.

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Allow our commercial inspector to inspect your property conscientiously.

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Mold Testing Service

Breathe easy and get mold inspection and testing services from our pros.

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Radon Testing Service

Make sure that you’re breathing pure air with our radon testing services.

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Water Quality Testing

Make sure that you’re using clean water with our water testing services.

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Pre-Listing Inspection

Are you a realtor looking for real estate inspection services? Click below!

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